The hard slog of knitting!

I get so used to crochet whizzing along ┬áthat I forget how much slower going knitting is. I am plodding along with my Dad’s present but it is taking its time. It doesn’t help it’s a 1×1 shaker rib. The yarn goes backwards and forwards seemingly taking twice as long!

But I will get there. There has been some other exciting progress, the house was retired and our sewing room is nearly back to operational status, as well as being rather pretty.


Catch up works in progress – Cross stitch and knitting and Tapestry

Cross stitch


So Rupert remains incomplete, but he is on a nicer frame now.


Cabled Cushion.

I loved this project, I don’t find cabling that hard, just is knitting in a different order. I knew where this was going to end up and even had the exact yarn! But I have fallen out of love. I made a massive mistake in the cable pattern, repeating the first part when I should have moved on to the second section and also my puppy got hold of the corner and chewed it! Luckily it is a very prone to felting type wool and hasn’t unravelled itself but the mistakes are adding up and can’t work on it at the moment.

Here is a lovely shot of the culprit Woodley in lieu of the cushion, as I don’t know where I hibernated it to (see how much I don’t love it anymore, I don’t even know where it is)



I don’t have any Tapestry projects in progress, as long as you don’t count finishing! But I will do another post of these.