Baby Blankets and a promise

I love making baby blankets. I can’t think of a better gift for a new little one than a blanket. There are so many positives to them, they don’t grow out of them. I have made quite a few blankets over the years.

One of my favourites recently was for little Daisy.


The last one I finished was a little diagonal granny stripe.


With a very successful edging.

This blanket got me thinking, the intended recipient, is a colleague of my sister. The baby will need surgery immediately after being born, and they still don’t know the full extent of the problems till after birth, as doctors suspect some of things and surgeries may be needed.

All the blankets I have given so far have been enjoyed by friends and their children in happy lives and that is not always the case. Therefore I promise that for every baby blanket I make, I will craft another for SANDS.


Christmas Knitting and finish-itis!

So I know it’s August, but I’m still knitting last years presents. Isn’t that awful, finally at the sleeves of the last cardigan. I have done a few other projects in between when it was really hot and I couldn’t stomach the idea of sitting with a whole lot of wool and alpaca on my … Continue reading

Present crafting

So I am a little behind with my present crafting! I’m still creating Christmas presents.

Unfortunately I have two rather large men on my list, so both of those projects were slightly slow going! All yarn is purchased or in my stash and I thought I had made final decisions on what to make, but recently have changed my mind.

The full list is Mum- cardigan jacket, this is nearly done, only buttons and bottom band to go. I bought buttons at Harrogate, but they aren’t big enough, and also not enough, as I lengthened the body. I have a short list of buttons but I just need to make a decision.

Dad is getting a shaker rib cardigan, back is complete and onto the sleeves. I am experimenting with doing two at a time on circulars, it’s going ok at the moment, even with the overly large balls of yarn tangling themselves.


Michael, my brother in law, has the only completed project so far, which I will do a post on later.

The sisters both have chosen yarn, but I’m not settled on a project and I think I may go through the contenders in another post.

There was some success finishing friends projects. A blanket and an elephant toy were completed, and again I will try for a finished items post. The final friends blanket is in time out again as it just keeps not behaving!

Wish list and plans

So what do I have planned in my queue?

Brighton Pavilion Tops

I adore this ever since I met the designer at the Knit and Stitch show at Olympia in the spring. But I promised myself that some other projects needed completing before I,could even start thinking about buying it.


So after the Hippo I feel that I need to make the elephant, I have a recipient. It will be a Christmas present for a friend’s 2 year old

Anna Dress

The by hand London pattern for an charity event I’m going to in November

Christmas Presents

I have a full list of gifts which is already underway, a full post on these later.


So this is a matching item to the Super secret Baby blanket, that I have made. I will post some pictures once the baby is born so you will all have to wait until September for them.

The pattern is the Happypotamus Happy Hippo Pattern

I am in love with it. Not sure I can give it up! The forming of the pattern from different shapes, pentagons, hexagons, octagons etc is so clever. Unfortunately no pictures as The baby isn’t born yet and I want the parents to have a surprise.

But I have some plans for some of the other patterns she has bought out, in particular the elephant and the frog!

Catch up works in progress – Cross stitch and knitting and Tapestry

Cross stitch


So Rupert remains incomplete, but he is on a nicer frame now.


Cabled Cushion.

I loved this project, I don’t find cabling that hard, just is knitting in a different order. I knew where this was going to end up and even had the exact yarn! But I have fallen out of love. I made a massive mistake in the cable pattern, repeating the first part when I should have moved on to the second section and also my puppy got hold of the corner and chewed it! Luckily it is a very prone to felting type wool and hasn’t unravelled itself but the mistakes are adding up and can’t work on it at the moment.

Here is a lovely shot of the culprit Woodley in lieu of the cushion, as I don’t know where I hibernated it to (see how much I don’t love it anymore, I don’t even know where it is)



I don’t have any Tapestry projects in progress, as long as you don’t count finishing! But I will do another post of these.

Catch up works in progress -Crochet and sewing

So still not any better about keeping this updated, I promise to try more!

So there has been progress on my projects and I will do a quick run down of them.


The bedspread

Is still about the same as it was the last time I posted about it! I lost the hook (and considering I love my crochet hooks it was a little bit upsetting).

Asymmetric Cardigan

Just the last sleeve to set and sew up then the buttons and I’m done. I read the instructions on this one and didn’t take them in as I would have totally put it together differently than they say which frustrated me so moved on to a more exciting project.

Super secret Baby blanket

Sometimes things just work out perfectly, or my friends and I have similar tastes! So a good friend is pregnant and I had selected a pattern I wanted to make. An adorable pin from Pinterest was the inspiration. In the meantime she approached me and asked for the exact same blanket! Now it is super secret in that no one is allowed to no the babies sex, aunts and parents want a surprise. And in fact I don’t really know as I wouldn’t let her tell me. I have just made it in very cute colours and hopefully have got it right, gender specific colours don’t really matter anyway!

So now pictures of this one yet.

I still have the caplet hibernating somewhere but not sure if that is ever going to see the light of day.

I don’t have any sewing projects on the way at the moment. But I do have plans, exciting and pretty plans!

Project decisions and Gifting

Sorry I have not been very organised with this blogging thing. I lost my craft mojo a little. But it has come back full force recently.


I wonder how do you decide on your projects?


I seem to get an idea in my head, and then start the hunt. It isn’t always the same starting point either, sometimes the right pattern, sometimes the person it is for, very occasional it is the yarn that screams to be used.

But it is so rarely the yarn, I find it difficult to match yarns with good patterns that I want to make, and often find I’m a little¬†disappointed in the end result.

Gifts are some of my favourite things to make, matching the object, yarn, colour and person are just a joy to me. Maybe I’m lucky and the people I have gifted to, look after and use the things I make. I get a real kick out of ¬†seeing people wearing what I have made for them, when I’m not expecting it.

Works in progress – Sewing

Starry Dress

Long length maxi, I fit a few fit issues on the bodice (no muslins for this type of dress) and lost a bit of interest at the time, then winter came and its a sun dress so I have left it.

Works In Progress – Tapestry

The big one!

This was bought to cover a fireplace at home which was shut off. We have since re-decorated and the fireplace is now opened up and looks amazing. But I love this piece with my whole heart. I have run out of the background colour so it is slightly hibernating at the moment.

The small one!

Well the tapestry part of this is finished, I just don’t quite know what to do with it. I think it may be destined to be a cushion cover, but have not got the material to surround it at the moment.