Present crafting

So I am a little behind with my present crafting! I’m still creating Christmas presents.

Unfortunately I have two rather large men on my list, so both of those projects were slightly slow going! All yarn is purchased or in my stash and I thought I had made final decisions on what to make, but recently have changed my mind.

The full list is Mum- cardigan jacket, this is nearly done, only buttons and bottom band to go. I bought buttons at Harrogate, but they aren’t big enough, and also not enough, as I lengthened the body. I have a short list of buttons but I just need to make a decision.

Dad is getting a shaker rib cardigan, back is complete and onto the sleeves. I am experimenting with doing two at a time on circulars, it’s going ok at the moment, even with the overly large balls of yarn tangling themselves.


Michael, my brother in law, has the only completed project so far, which I will do a post on later.

The sisters both have chosen yarn, but I’m not settled on a project and I think I may go through the contenders in another post.

There was some success finishing friends projects. A blanket and an elephant toy were completed, and again I will try for a finished items post. The final friends blanket is in time out again as it just keeps not behaving!