Project decisions and Gifting

Sorry I have not been very organised with this blogging thing. I lost my craft mojo a little. But it has come back full force recently.


I wonder how do you decide on your projects?


I seem to get an idea in my head, and then start the hunt. It isn’t always the same starting point either, sometimes the right pattern, sometimes the person it is for, very occasional it is the yarn that screams to be used.

But it is so rarely the yarn, I find it difficult to match yarns with good patterns that I want to make, and often find I’m a little disappointed in the end result.

Gifts are some of my favourite things to make, matching the object, yarn, colour and person are just a joy to me. Maybe I’m lucky and the people I have gifted to, look after and use the things I make. I get a real kick out of  seeing people wearing what I have made for them, when I’m not expecting it.


About Alice

I have many interests, crafting and baking. There are 2 blogs, one about the crafting and one about the baking.

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